I’m an addiction interventionist

“I’m an addiction interventionist who refers to the Addiction Recovery Network when the family or loved ones ask. The best word I can use for their addiction program is “Dynamic” It’s not one size fits all or cookie cutter – they create a program to match the person’s needs. In my experience, very few other facilities do that.

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  1. I am writing on behalf of my husband. We need help. We’ve been married almost 42 years. He acknowledges tentatively he needs help to deal with his alcoholism, but struggles with following through on getting the help he needs. Intervention may help. Please send info?

  2. Hi there, I am the parent of 32 year old son who struggles with alcoholism as well as mental illness. He has been in 30 day programs in Saskatoon for dual diagnosis individuals. There is a family history of alcoholism and on both sides of our family. Our son is stuck and has gone off his meds for the past 3 months. Can your program help?

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