Addiction Recovery Network Muskoka

Addiction Recovery Network Muskoka, located in North Muskoka/Parry Sound, is a beautiful addiction rehab centre with 125 acres of complete serenity, offering evidence based addiction treatment programs to get rid of alcohol, drug addictions as well as deal with Mental Health and concurrent disorders. Being one of the leading names for rehabilitation centers in Toronto, Addiction Recovery Network Muskoka offers effectual and result-oriented treatment programs all NON 12 Step Mental health based focus. The

All the Addiction Recovery programs at Addiction Recovery Network Muskoka are personalized and provided only after a complete bio-psycho-social and psychological assessment with the individual client so as to understand the actual cause of the addiction as well as further essential requirements towards recovery. The facility as do all of our recovery resorts proffers personalized one on one attention to every patient; moreover all these recovery programs are coupled with wide range of holistic services like message therapies and Reiki, etc.

Addiction Recovery Network Muskoka program as well as all our other locations in Canada employ Therapists to deliver the program to your loved one, not addiction counselors fresh out of school with little worthwhile credentials. Dan the Clinical Director explains “A mental health / psych based program must be delivered by therapists. The therapists we use are master level psych based and degreed with many years involved as well as one or more practicums. Addiction Counselors have been to a college or course for 6 months or so and graduate with a certificate not a degree. They also don’t have experience in practical hours for years and are thereby a secondary source of addiction recovery learning.”

The center has almost 140 acres of area that serves high level of privacy, peace of mind and security to every patient. Moreover, the Muskoka/Parry Sound location offers top-notch services to all its patients as well as their family members as to make the recovery program productive for them as well. The facility provides high quality amenities like fishing, canoeing, lounges, private rooms, meeting halls, gym facilities, indoor pool, sauna, games room and so on.

The staff at the Addiction Recovery Network Muskoka is highly skilled and professional that includes:

• Physician that is specialized in addiction medicine and the Brain – The Brain institute of Ontario
• Psycho-therapists
• Master’s level/degreed therapists
• Certified Addiction therapists
• Addiction counselors
• Medical detox nurses
• Relapse prevention counselors
• Culinary Chefs
• Life skills coach
• Fitness coach
• Massage and Reiki masters

With veteran staff, top-notch facilities and top evidence based recovery programs, Addiction Recovery Network’s program provides the highest success rates in Ontario and the Addiction Recovery Network Muskoka location provides the very best location at which to recover from addictions.