Safe injection sites save lives, but aren’t the whole solution!

‘There’s no therapy for any other addiction that begins with a safe place to indulge in the addiction’
A safe injection site will save lives. No contest there. But a safe injection site or Consumption and Treatment Services as the government is now calling it is not a solution to the opioid crisis.
Safe injection sites have been in Vancouver for years and there is no change to the magnitude of their opioid crisis. Workers at the sites are taking stress leaves as they see addicts day after day who are not seeking out the rehab offered to them. B.C. is now attempting to attack at the source of the drugs. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal to have Canada known for putting things in place that actually changed the course of the opioid crisis, instead of a Band-Aid solution of an injection site?
Good One on One Inpatient treatment like at the Recovery Network really works!

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