The first addiction treatment centre in Ontario to offer on-sight medical professionals, and proprietary treatment methods with proven success rates.

We are so confident that our unique rehab program will work, that we back it with a Lifetime Guarantee in the event of relapse. NO EXTRA CHARGE!

We include everything at our centres and our program is considered the very best as we are NOT 12 step. 

As it is currently, most of all other private centres in Canada are all 12 step based programs, and of course the government facilities are 12 step. 12 step is a long proven short term recovery with low success rates......even if the private centres you may speak to say they provide addiction counseling as the highlight of their program.

Addiction Counseling from counselors is not enough! You need a Mental Health Psych based program delivered ONLY by masters level or PHD therapists. We use ONLY these type of Therapists.

Your loved ones best chances for addiction recovery with the highest success rates is through a Therapeutic based program only - not typical 12 step or just addiction counseling! Ours is all mental health and concurrent disorder based and we boast all mostly one on one therapy for our program. 

You or your loved one will have one on ones every day during treatment - EVERY DAY. NO OTHER TREATMENT CENTRE PROVIDES PERSONAL ONE ON ONES EVERY DAY!

At the Addiction Recovery Network we know that an important part of a successful rehab program is the environment that you live in.  At our Ontario location you will tranquility and a resort like environment so that you can focus on getting better. 

Visit our photo gallery and see for yourself.  These are actual and recent photos of our rehab centre in the Muskoka area.  

Our large treatment centre will almost ensure immediate access to treatment, and we have an expedited and focused admissions process that will be customized to your needs, and get you the dedicated treatment as soon as possible. 

We are dedicated to saving lives, and we have created a program designed specifically to make that happen.