A Reliable and Result-Oriented Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Toronto, Ontario

We offer complete recovery services, from detox to graduation, all in-house.  We have immediate openings.  Don’t wait.  Your life may depend on it.


Addiction Recovery Network, a leading and accredited private drug rehab center in Ontario, aims at delivering result-oriented and fully-tailored treatments for individuals suffering from over-dependency on drugs or alcohol or both. Our clinic also treats PTSD patients that are undergoing anxiety, depression, stress, or any mental illnesses and disorders. We value your privacy and confidentiality, which is why our alcohol and drug rehabilitation offers one-to-one treatment, excluding any group therapies or shared facilities. All the programs at our Toronto-based rehab are designed to tackle unique addiction problems and mental disorders. Here, you will be treated with abstinence-based programs.

Being the best across Ontario, our approach towards any patient is holistic and is tailored with a special biopsychosocial structure. This means we have a dedicated team of doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists that not only suppresses the craving, but also improves the mental, physical, and nutritional health of a patient. Our drug and mental illness programs range from one week to three months, with up to six months, depending upon the condition of a patient.

Our team doesn’t rest until our clients are free from any form of craving, which is why our clinic is known as one of the best private drug and alcohol rehab centers in Toronto. We examine our clients’ recovery rate from the day they got admitted to the date of discharge. This helps us to keep track of progress and how much more time they have to stay away from their loved ones. We make the healing process as fast as possible while maintaining the quality of our programs and procedures.

Addiction Recovery Network understands that the detoxification level differs for every patient. Moreover, we do not encourage medication during the process. After thorough monitoring of your body, our staff will perform Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) and role-play sessions on you to learn more about your addiction. Individual counsellings and private sessions will also be conducted to make sure we don’t miss out on any aspect of your problem. Our drug treatments as well include walks, exercises, and yogas, and experiencing sharing sessions to reduce depression and anxiety.

Our private inpatient and outpatient care programs are specially designed for those that are sensitive to immediate environment changes. Do you or your family member is suffering from drug addiction or alcohol abuse? Do you know anyone who has constant depression, trauma, or anxiety problems? Get registered with the Addiction Recovery Network. We promise you a better, sober, and stress-free life.

Comprehensive Individual Assessments

Individual assessments are the cornerstone to successful addiction treatment and the ability to have lasting recovery. Tailored to your abilities, we aim to make your recovery effective and permanent.

Integrated and Comprehensive Care

Our comprehensive care system encompasses all elements of your life. To fully recover and addict must learn to deal with all stresses as life is about adapting succesfully.

Copy of Integrated and Comprehensive Care

Our medically supervised program helps assure safe and effective detox designed to set the foundation for your long term recovery plans.

Drug Addiction Resources

With our multi-disciplinary staff and combined experiences that cover all elements of addiction recovery, you will find all the resources you need to be well informed and aware of your choices.

Intensive Drug Addiction Treatment

If you’re serious about recovery, we are serious about helping you. Based on your level of addiction, our treatment goes as far as needed to see you along your way.

Long-term Support for client’s and their families

You are never alone in your journey. We strongly believe in after-care once your time with us is complete.