It’s normal to be anxious about starting rehab, but knowing what to expect can help. Here’s what your daily treatment plan may look like on any given day.

Every individualized treatment plan at Addiction Recovery Network is comprehensive, well-coordinated and balanced with time for reflection, recreation and personal growth.

As you read about a typical day in treatment at Addiction Recovery Network, keep in mind that throughout each day, you or your loved one will be surrounded by a strong community of peers and a multi-disciplinary team of compassionate professionals—all of whom are dedicated and want to help you succeed.

  • The daily routine.

    A typical treatment day begins at sunrise and ends around 11 p.m. During that time, each patient participates in various treatment components, such as:

    • Individual one on one therapy with your primary or secondary therapist
    • focused group therapy
    • process groups
    • educational lectures
    • family education and therapy
    • goal setting and meditation
    • wellness and fitness programming
    • self-inventory

Another key component to most treatment plans is peer therapy. Addiction Recovery Network programs are structured to bring about healthy peer interaction and challenge addictive behavior and thinking. This approach assumes that being part of a healthy peer group helps patients identify self-destructive behaviors in a safe, supportive environment. On a typical day in treatment, Addiction Recovery Network clients meet with structured peer groups, which are self-governed by peer-selected leaders.

One of the key focuses nearing the closing of your residential in-patient program is the exit strategy portion which is the time for future preparation and readiness. This program portion is designed for the shift from treatment to the real world and prepares clients to return to society as not only productive contributors but with a secured handle on recovery implementation moving forward.

We’re here for you.
If you or your loved one has questions or concerns about daily life at Addiction Recovery Network, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Day or night, we’re here to help you take the next step toward life in recovery.
Addiction Recovery Team