Expect Great Recovery at Our Drug Detox Ontario Centre

Heavy use of alcohol or other drug use takes an enormous toll on your physical and emotional health. A medical detox period is typically needed before you can benefit from treatment at our drug detox Ontario centers.

The Start of Getting Better

Going through withdrawal can feel 10 times worse than having a terrible case of the flu. Nausea, body ache, fever, and fatigue are common withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, depression, restlessness, and irritability can occur as well. Medical staff at Addiction Recovery Network’s treatment centers have expertise in helping you detox comfortably and safely from alcohol, opioids and other drugs so you can engage fully in your treatment program. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENDURE THE PAIN AND ANGUISH OF WITHDRAWAL.WE ENSURE YOUR COMFORT TO GET THROUGH THE WITHDRAWAL PERIOD.

  • Medically Supervised

    Because withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs can be life threatening, our detox process is medically supervised 24/7.

  • Medication

    Our medical staff may use medications to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal. The type of detox medication used depends on the severity of addiction, type of substance abused and other factors.

  • Detox Period

    If you are admitted to any of our centres, your care will begin with a minimum 24-hour detoxification period, sometimes longer depending on your situation.

Once you are medically stable, you will be transferred to our program side where you will start your addiction treatment program. You may continue to be medically monitored to make sure your symptoms continue to improve and adjustments can be made to your treatment plan as needed.

medical detox
  • Drug Detox

    Drug detoxification can be the first step toward a healthier, more positive future. But the prospect of going through detox and withdrawal is frightening to many drug users. How will withdrawal feel? Will detox be uncomfortable, painful, or embarrassing? How will you handle the stress and emotional pain of life without drugs? Refer to the following content below and become confident about your decision in committing to a drug detox program.

  • Alcohol Detox

    Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome occurs when someone who has participated in long-term alcohol abuse suddenly stops drinking or significantly reduces their alcohol intake unexpectedly. Continued and excessive alcohol use eventually interferes with the brain’s natural functions, disrupting neurotransmitters that send messages to your central nervous system.

Attempting to rapidly home detox yourself from alcohol or drugs could have dangerous, even grave consequences. Working with a medical detox center and having an expert, experienced medical staff to manage a safe detoxification process is vital to your well being.

The Addiction Recovery Network, a substance abuse medical detox center in Ontario, has detoxification services available 24 hours a day. Most clients who come into treatment for drug and alcohol related issues will need supervised medical detoxification in a safe, medical detox center. The Addiction Recovery Network medical detox offers 24-hour nursing care. The Addiction Recovery Network is set up to handle complex detoxification, including clients who use multiple drugs. Detoxification services are individualized to each client’s needs.