Ontario North Resort

There’s no reason to be embarrassed about a behavioral or substance abuse problem. With our fine resort/retreat style locations at Addiction Recovery Network, you will receive the highest level of care in the most welcoming of settings, our resort style rehab centres offer all the amenities of a pricey vacation combined with the expertise of professional addiction clinical and therapeutic staff. You or your loved one can benefit from a stay at one of our addiction treatment resorts.

At our Ontario North Resort – Spirit of the North we strive to be a welcoming and hospitable place. We not only offer some of the best Mental, medical and behavioral care available, we also place a premium on your comfort. If that’s important to you, then our beachfront facility might be the right place for you. Similarly, if your addiction and mental health issues are just too much in your life, the change of scenery will no doubt be a measurable benefit. Our Spirit of the North offers it all.