Throughout inpatient treatment at Addiction Recovery Network, we’re constantly planning and strategizing to help you or your loved one continue in recovery after inpatient treatment. A client’s multi-disciplinary treatment team collaborates frequently throughout the treatment process to develop and refine one’s aftercare plan prior to discharge. The plan, based on each individual’s needs and experience in treatment, will include tools and recommendations to sustain one’s recovery.

Components of one’s aftercare plan may include:

  • finding a support group
  • individual and family counseling
  • referral information
  • nutrition and/or fitness plans
  • resources and tools to stay connected to Addiction Recovery Network via alumni support groups and networks, fellowship groups, and/or alumni activities

Some circumstances call for additional treatment, or for a gradual return to the outside world. In these cases, we might recommend:

  • Sober Living, an opportunity to live in a drug-free, healthy environment with staff, in-house recovery meetings, and an outpatient counselor. Residents can work or go to school, and may stay for three to six months.
  • Extended Care Program, similar to Sober Living, with ongoing treatment and additional structure.

One’s treatment team makes sure each person who leaves Addiction Recovery Network has a support system in place, an accountability plan established, and the necessary tools needed for maintaining sobriety. Family members also receive a continuing care plan. Addiction Recovery Network is committed to supporting clients and their families through the critical first days, weeks and months of the recovery process. Learn more about our Aftercare by calling and inquiring.

  • Web-based Tools to Strengthen Your Recovery

    With MORE, Addiction Recovery Network equips our patients with something no other treatment provider offers: Personalized, Web-based recovery support. Our Online Aftercare Program. You will be given access to our online programing which you can follow through live streaming or go back to one of our many pre recorded sessions. There is no other support program like it.

  • MORE recovery tools, support and fellowship for you

    If addiction treatment is about getting clean and sober, recovery is about learning how to stay clean and sober. Use our exclusive AFTERCARE interface to navigate the challenges of early recovery—and stay the course over the long haul.