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Drug Addiction Medical Detox and Residential Services Available
Drug addiction is a very serious matter and the consequences and effects on an individual and their family can be devastating. Our programs offer state of the art, evidenced based treatments, conducted by experienced Psychological, Clinical & Therapeutic professionals, tailored to the individual and their family.
Our Addiction Recovery Centres offer:

rehab services

Comprehensive Individual Assessments

Individual assessments are the cornerstone to successful addiction treatment and the ability to have lasting recovery. Tailored to your abilities, we aim to make your recovery effective and permanent.

Integrated and Comprehensive Care

Our comprehensive care system encompasses all elements of your life. To fully recover and addict must learn to deal with all stresses as life is about adapting succesfully.

Drug Addiction Resources

With our multi-disciplinary staff and combined experiences that cover all elements of addiction recovery, you will find all the resources you need to be well informed and aware of your choices.

Intensive Drug Addiction Treatment

If you’re serious about recovery, we are serious about helping you. Based on your level of addiction, our treatment goes as far as needed to see you along your way.

Safe Medical Detox

Our medically supervised program helps assure safe and effective detox designed to set the foundation for your long term recovery plans.

Long-term Support for client’s and their families

You are never alone in your journey. We strongly believe in after-care once your time with us is complete.

“Drugs” defined:
A drug includes any medicine, chemical or other substance that when ingested causes physiological changes to the mind and body. There are two primary categories of drugs, illicit drugs and prescription drugs.
Prescription drugs are usually prescribed by a physician to fight illness and reduce pain, and there are many people who rely on these types of drugs for better health without becoming addicted. However, certain prescription medications can become addictive when abused or used off label.
Illicit drugs are street drugs. These drugs are not used for medicinal purposes, but instead are sought out for some sort of mental or physical high.
Some of the most common forms of addictive drugs include: