Get Treated at the Best Private Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

Addiction Recovery Network’s success is centered on our Private Inpatient drug rehab addiction treatment recovery plans.. Our full-time, on-site, highly credentialed staff and dynamic, comprehensive inpatient rehab programs meet people where they are currently in their life. We coordinate all client’s needs with our extensive inpatient programs which include assessments, detox, mental health care, addiction treatment, and long-term recovery support, plus we are most careful to address individualized needs and circumstances.

We are totally designed and set to help clients and families everywhere to have the utmost in any rehab process. Our unparalleled inpatient addiction treatment programs are available to anyone throughout the country:

Each client at Addiction Recovery Network is assigned a multidisciplinary treatment team, made up of experienced, dedicated professionals from various disciplines such as:

  • psychology
  • drug addiction counseling
  • medicine
  • nutrition
  • health and wellness

Our clinical staff are top professionals of the highest caliber, often renowned in their fields.

On intake for our inpatient program the team will talk extensively with the client and their family to get best aquainted with our client and to start with an initial assessment and then based on those assessments, then design an individual treatment plan based on psych state, mental health, substance abuse history, and other factors, including any co-occurring addictions, disorders, or other problems. They collaborate daily to ensure that every person is progressing as they should in treatment.

Getting Substances Out of the System

A physician or nurse practitioner will provide a basic medical assessment for each person entering treatment at Addiction Recovery Network. This allows the medical team to assess the health of the client and determine whether or not medical detoxification (detox) is necessary. The medical assessment includes blood and urine screenings, analysis of an individual’s medical history and addiction assessments. At the same time, the medical staff will also assess the need for adjunctive medications for significant medical issues, such as chronic pain, diabetes, or cardiac problems are addressed and considered in a client’s individualized treatment plan.